Tutorial: Create a Facebook Messenger Bot Using the Unified Messaging API

In this tutorial, you will learn how to receive and send messages like text, images and carousel messages from and to Facebook Messenger using the Unified Messaging API by CloudRail. With [...]

Branded Authentication in the CloudRail Community Plan

With CloudRail we offer several plans containing different features to make your API integrations easier. Part of our free Community Plan is what we call “branded authentication” or [...]

An Introduction to OAuth and How CloudRail Simplifies it

One of the most intricate aspects of API integration can be authentication when OAuth 1.0 or OAuth 2.0 are used, especially for developers that are not familiar with it. Both authentication [...]

How to Avoid the Next AWS S3 Outage with a Failover Scenario

It was a big shock when Amazon’s S3 storage service went down for four hours in its North Virginia data center last Tuesday. The problem was in the end caused by human error but there is [...]

Tutorial: Post Images and Videos to Facebook & Twitter

In this tutorial you will learn how to post images, videos and text to Facebook, Twitter and Facebook Pages via the Unified Social API by CloudRail. With CloudRail you can easily integrate [...]

Solving ‘disallowed_useragent’ for Google services

Why do I get this ‘disallowed_useragent’ error for Google APIs? On August 22, 2016, Google released a blog post about “modernizing” the way OAuth should be handled in [...]

Access All API Features With CloudRail’s Advanced Request

With CloudRail you can easily integrate external APIs into your application. CloudRail offers SDKs with abstracted interfaces that bundle several services to expose developer-friendly APIs that [...]

OneDrive Android SDK – How to integrate the OneDrive API on Android

This tutorial describes how to integrate Microsoft’s OneDrive API into an Android application. We will use the CloudRail SDK which is even easier to use than Microsoft’s official [...]

Google Drive Node.js SDK – Tutorial to Integrate Google Drive API

This is a tutorial about integrating the Google Drive API into your application based on a Google Drive Node.js SDK. You will learn the easiest way to integrate Google as well as other services [...]

Dropbox Node.js SDK – The Easiest Way to Integrate the Dropbox API

This is a short tutorial to show you the easiest way to integrate the Dropbox API (v2) via the Dropbox Node.js SDK in your app. Moreover you will learn how to add more cloud storage services like [...]

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