WhatsApp API – How to use the WhatsApp Chat API

WhatsApp is together with Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Line and Telegram one of the biggest messaging services. A programmatic access via a WhatsApp API would be a fundamental requirement to [...]

Social Login is preferred by users

Adding Social Login to your application is not only improving user experience, it’s also good for your business. An easy registration or sign-in process actually improves your conversion rate, [...]

Reducing technical debt with CloudRail

Software developers frequently face a dilemma. Well spec’d, good design and following best practice is what we want, but sometimes done is better than perfect, and we have to ship code and meet [...]

Dropbox Android SDK for API v2: How to Keep minSDKVersion 10

Dropbox deprecated their API v1 a while ago and it’s time to migrate to their new v2 API. For Android developers they unfortunately set the minSDKVersion to 19 which means that you either [...]

How to Avoid the Next AWS S3 Outage with a Failover Scenario

It was a big shock when Amazon’s S3 storage service went down for four hours in its North Virginia data center last Tuesday. The problem was in the end caused by human error but there is [...]

Connect to OneDrive and OneDrive for Business with the Same API

OneDrive API and OneDrive for Business API Combined in a Single API Microsoft’s Cloud Storage solution OneDrive is available in two versions, the consumer version OneDrive and OneDrive for [...]

Consistency Models of Cloud Storage Services

This article compares consistency models of all major cloud storage providers. The CloudRail Unified API makes integrating different cloud storage services into your code easy. It provides easy [...]

The Cloud Storage Report – Dropbox Owns Cloud Storage on Mobile

A new report by Unified API integration leader CloudRail shows that Dropbox leads the consumer cloud storage market with 63.8%, ahead of Google Drive, OneDrive and Box of all users choosing their [...]

Zettabytes of IoT Data

ABIresearch, a leading market research firm, recently forecasted that IoT data will exceed 1.6 zettabytes by 2020. This is a 7x increase over last year’s 200 exabytes forecast. “The [...]

CloudRail extends product offering for enterprise application developers

Product Announcement February 17, 2015 CloudRail extends product offering for enterprise application developers New features include Box.com integration and Node.js SDK   Mannheim, Germany [...]

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