Connect a Vibration Sensor to AWS – Predictive Maintenance

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Measuring a machine’s vibrations together with the operating temperature is the cornerstone of being able to implement predictive maintenance successfully.

Since we all know that, why aren’t more cases deployed in production? In my opinion, these are the two main reasons:

  1. It takes a lot of time to get the sensor data into a system that can run the necessary algorithms
  2. Fear of using the tools the different cloud platforms can provide to save time and thus trying to reinvent the wheel

The result of that is: projects take forever and thus are expensive. Because they are expensive they get killed before they are even started due to the high risk involved.

Now, imagine you would be able to connect up everything in less than a day? Maybe even less than an hour? Or in just a few minutes?

If you believe that’s too good to be true, I urge you to watch the video above. We walk you through the exact steps involved in connecting a vibration sensor to any cloud (AWS is chosen as a sample here) using the CloudRail Box and our easy to use Device Management Platform…

Once your sensors are connected you can start to utilize the tools from any of these platforms to build a predictive maintenance application. We’ll probably have a short guide for the different platforms in the near future.

Are you looking to implement predictive maintenance?

Good news! We offer a Predictive Maintenance Starter-Kit that will allow you to easily connect a machine to the cloud and gather important information about its operation.

Here is what you get:

  • A CloudRail Box
  • Two vibration sensors from ifm (including adapters)
  • A temperature sensor from ifm
  • One IO-Link Master
  • All necessary cables and a power supply

If you got any questions or feedback, feel free to reach out to us. We love to hear from you!

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