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IRVINE, CA, USA, September 28, 2021 — CloudRail and TensorIoT are excited to announce they are working together to improve operational efficiency in manufacturing and other industrial segments by simplifying both the collection of live operational data, regardless of machine age or type, as well as the visualization and analysis of the data to increase companies’ situational awareness and provide actionable insight.

SmartInsights from TensorIoT, powered by AWS, provides customers with live access to operational data from anywhere in the world. SmartInsights gathers data automatically from modern manufacturing and other industrial machines, based on the widely available OPC UA standard. Unfortunately, with the average age of industrial machines exceeding 15 years, connections to older machines have been problematic and can prevent many industrial companies from achieving the benefits of Industry 4.0 digital transformation.

CloudRail provides customers with a simple approach to collect data from new and legacy equipment, most notably by enabling a catalog of over 12,000 different industrial sensors to deliver data to the cloud. Unfortunately, many customers struggle to transform collected data into useful information and end up drowning in data while starving for actionable insight to improve operating efficiency.

By combining forces, CloudRail and TensorIoT are greatly simplifying the digital transformation journey for manufacturers and other industrial companies. Through sensor data captured via CloudRail, industrial companies no longer must settle for collecting data from only their newest machines. And through visualizations and analytics provided by TensorIoT SmartInsights, these same companies can quickly transform huge quantities of machine data into information to improve operations.

Available through the AWS Marketplace, the SmartInsights Rapid Deployment Offer with CloudRail provides all the hardware and software essentials for an initial deployment. The package includes a CloudRail.Box edge gateway, an IFM IO-Master module supporting up to eight sensors, a choice of up to three sensors from a selection of common sensors, a one-year CloudRail.DMC subscription and a one-year SmartInsights subscription. Customers can then add up to 8 IO-Master modules per CloudRail gateway and install as many gateways per site as needed to cover even the largest industrial environments.

Edge gateway and related sensor hardware will be delivered to the customer premises and SmartInsights software will be deployed in the customer’s own AWS instance, giving customers full ownership and control of their data from sensor to cloud. SmartInsights can be licensed for additional sites for a flat per site annual fee regardless of the number or users or volume of data.

“We are delighted to be partnering with TensorIoT,” said Felix Kollmar, Managing Director at CloudRail, “as we share the common purpose of helping manufacturers modernize and improve operations.”
“CloudRail is a clear leader in data collection,” commented John Traynor, Vice-President of Products at TensorIoT, “and the first and largest problem we see with many industrial customers is how to collect data from legacy equipment that may be decades old.”

The new SmartInsights Rapid Deployment Package with CloudRail will be available in all regions of the world from the AWS Marketplace and from TensorIoT and CloudRail directly.


About TensorIoT Inc.: TensorIoT is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner that has achieved the AWS IoT Competency, AWS Machine Learning Competency, AWS Industrial Software Competency, AWS Machine Learning Operations Competency, AWS Applied AI Competency, AWS Retail Competency and AWS Travel & Hospitality Competency designations. The company also has multiple AWS Service Delivery credentials for AWS IoT services. Founded by a former AWS employee, TensorIoT has delivered successful projects across the world in the IoT & ML space and has offices in the U.S. (California, Washington, Nevada, Texas, Virginia, Florida), the UK, India, and Japan. TensorIoT is customer obsessed and practices the AWS leadership principles. With its deep experience delivering complete end-to-end solutions, from edge devices to end users in IoT, or data engineering to automated ML pipeline, the company’s team of AWS certified architects can quickly assist customers in realizing their technology and business goals.

About CloudRail: CloudRail is an IIoT expert based in Germany, with its North American headquarters in Detroit, Michigan. The company offers a fully managed solution to acquire data from industrial environments and send it to AWS services like IoT Core, IoT SiteWise or Greengrass — Plug&Play. CloudRail works for greenfield as well as brownfield applications. It uses industry standards like OPC-UA to connect modern equipment, while old machines are retrofitted with secondary sensors. A database of over 12,000 sensor definitions in combination with automated data normalization and device provisioning reduces the setup time for connecting industrial machines to the cloud from weeks to just hours. Besides faster time to value for IIoT projects, CloudRail provides a cloud-based device management solution which allows enterprise customers to securely roll-out, manage, and update thousands of globally distributed edge devices. As CloudRail works closely with sensor expert IFM Electronics, the hardware and industrial sensors are available in more than 95 countries.

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