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Munich / Mannheim, Germany, September 9, 2022 – Storm Reply and CloudRail are moving their existing partnership to the next level. The two companies’ aim is to address two of the most common blockers firms face when evaluating IoT or Industry 4.0 initiatives: complexity and success rate. In this symbiosis, CloudRail and Storm Reply leverage their core expertise focusing on simplifying and accelerating business cases validation through an easy-to-deploy, time-boxed, IoT MVP.


In addition to connecting every type of machine or sensor to AWS IoT, CloudRail recently expanded its portfolio with a Modbus RTU connector that easily provisions Smart Meter data to AWS and other cloud-services. This enables customers easily ingesting data from over 12,000 industrial sensors, OPC UA servers, and energy measurements through one, powerful, fully managed solution.

Automotive supplier KAMAX, for example, is retrofitting its cold-forming machines using CloudRail freeing more than 3% operator time through IoT services.

Storm Reply

Part of the Reply group, Storm Reply specializes in the design and implementation of cloud-based solutions and services for a global client base. The company has worked with AWS since 2008, completing more than 500 successful projects across the globe. Its platform-centric approach to cloud-native development covers the complete lifecycle for IoT, including: strategic and business consulting; development of E2E IoT solutions; and support through next-generation Managed Service Provider (MSP) services.

Storm Reply ensures IoT Initiatives’ success through the identification and prioritization of business cases rather than directly jumping into technical implementations. The so-called Storm’s Phased Model for IoT focuses on the Organizational, Strategic, and Financial implications companies need to consider to successfully embark on IoT initiatives. The main idea behind the approach is that of decomposing IoT into simpler use cases aiming to rapidly validate real and replicable business outcomes.

One of the main tools for the scope is Storm’s IoT JumpStarter (see Fig. 1), aiming to easily implement MVPs. Here is where CloudRail’s offering completes the shop-floor picture as a reliable and fast solution for smoothly connecting new industrial machinery (OPC UA), as well as legacy equipment (retrofitting) to the AWS cloud.

Fig. 1 Storm’s IoT JumpStarter

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Understanding IoT and its fragmented offering from different vendors could be cumbersome and time consuming. Getting the right partners onboard is one of the most important and strategic decisions companies will face at any given stage of their IoT initiative.

Do you want to define your IoT journey following a simple, time-boxed, strategy?

Start your IoT project with Storm and CloudRail now!

Sven Seiler, Managing Director, Storm Reply

Philip Weber, VP Alliances & GTM, CloudRail

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