Large Scale Device Provisioning with CloudRail

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Thanks to its Plug&Play approach, CloudRail is a perfect solution to realize fast IIoT pilot projects / PoCs with minimal investment. Did you know that CloudRail also works on a very large scale in a similarly fast and easy way? In this article, we will talk about large scale device provisioning based on templates.

Why provision devices on a large scale?

Even though it is super simple to connect sensors to a cloud, on a larger scale this repetitive task should be avoided. Think about an OEM which equips every machine with 4 sensors and one OPC-UA server connected to let’s say AWS IoT Core. This OEM might ship 5000 machines every year. This would mean going through the CloudRail setup process 25.000 times a year. Definitely, nothing you’d like to do. That’s why we built CloudRail Device Templates.

CloudRail Device Templates

Using CloudRail Device Templates you are able to go through the setup process for a machine just once and use it for all further devices. The only thing which needs to be done besides the physical installation of the hardware is to scan the QR code which you find on every CloudRail.Box. Here is a video of the process:

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