How the AWS Executive Briefing Center Gets Real-Time Inventory and Asset Data with CloudRail and AWS IoT

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Monitoring inventory status and counts across various locations is key to inventory management. Internet of Things (IoT) sensors allow organizations to view and maintain the supply levels they need, when and where they need them, and ensure they are stored properly along the way.

Data derived from these sensors can be used to inform operations, like performing predictive maintenance on equipment or adapting inventory to plan fulfillment routes.

Whether you work in agriculture, hospitality, pharmaceuticals, retail, supply chain, transportation logistics, or another industry or domain, IoT data can provide necessary insights to help improve operational efficiency.

In this post, we describe how the AWS Executive Briefing Center (EBC) in Seattle is using AWS IoT sensor technology, along with integrations from CloudRail, an AWS Partner with a qualified hardware offering, to proactively monitor meeting room beverage inventory.

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