From Sensor to Cloud in Less Than a Minute

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Big buzz word like the Industrial Internet of Things, Industry 4.0 or Digitalization of industrial processes, in general, describe a world where the OT and IT work together seamlessly. Data from the field (OT) is being collected and analyzed in the cloud where we have almost unlimited computing power and technology like machine learning to optimize processes and make smarter decisions. On the other hand, data coming from the IT (or the customer) can be used to produce very customized products almost instantly. While all these visions are amazing, most IIoT projects fail or get way to complex because it is so hard to connect the OT to the IT or respectively the cloud. Even the most simple use case of accessing some sensor values and transporting this information into the cloud, usually requires endless integration projects. Our goal here at CloudRail is to change that. Data from industrial applications should be easily accessible on cloud platforms like Microsoft Azure or AWS within minutes.

Introducing CloudRail.OS

CloudRail.OS is a software platform which can run on many industrial applications like PLCs, IO-modules, edge gateways, sensors or just an industrial computer. But before we describe all the advantages, simply watch a live demo on a Turck module:

Features of CloudRail.OS

CloudRail.OS is designed to be the local counterpart to all big Cloud IoT Platforms like AWS IoT, Azure IoT Suite, SAP, IBM Cloud IoT, Google Cloud Platform IoT and more. It abstracts over the differences between cloud platforms and provides a bi-directional connectivity, device shadows and soon even local or edge computing capabilities. With it’s Plug&Play approach it lets users connect professional industrial hardware to the cloud within minutes and doesn’t require domain-specific knowledge like industrial buses or protocols. External IO-modules and IO-Link sensors can be automatically detected and configured. Learn More about CloudRail.OS

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