AWS & CloudRail Tech Deep Dive

 In CloudRail

In this video, we’ll take a closer look at all the different AWS services that you can connect to with CloudRail. We’ll cover all relevant topics like: where to get the necessary credentials, how to connect any data point to the service and what to do after that. The AWS services that are described here include AWS IoT Core, AWS IoT SiteWise and AWS IoT Greengrass.

00:36 – Intro AWS IoT Services
03:25 – IoT Core Basic credentials and connectivity
06:40 – Use the sensor data in IoT Core (MQTT test, Rules)
08:31 – Sitewise models and assets
10:40 – Sitewise credentials and connectivity
13:55 – Sitewise portals, dashboards, models and hierarchies
18:10 – Greengrass credentials and installation
20:12 – Greengrass deployment, data sources, data routing
23:06 – Greengrass lambda functions

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