Why Xamarin matters to us

 In CloudRail

We just released the Xamarin version of our unified API integration solution (read more here), and there’s a reason why we decided to invest in developing the Xamarin SDK.

Xamarin has experienced a very rapid growth, and about 1.4 million developers are now creating apps on the Xamarin platform. Some of the benefits are shared code base for both iOS and Android apps, large C# developer community, fast time to market, cost effective, native-like user experience, close ties to the OS’ API and since Xamarin was acquired by Microsoft, it has been adopted into their developer ecosystem – like integration in Visual Studio.

An interesting aspect of the Microsoft acquisition is also Microsoft’s strong position in enterprise software. It’s not unlikely, that Xamarin developers in the future will have some benefits when it comes to developing apps for mobile enterprise solutions.

Get the SDK now

At CloudRail we’ve had a lot of requests for Xamarin support, so the decision was easy. Our solution has already been integrated in a large number of mobile apps, and it’s where we stand strongest. So extending our support to include Xamarin was a natural step.

The Xamarin Android and iOS SDKs are available now on our GitHub page:

CloudRail Xamarin iOS SDK
CloudRail Xamarin Android SDK

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