Unified API for Amazon S3, Azure, Rackspace and Backblaze

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Today we proudly announce the release of our new Unified Enterprise Cloud Storage API for Amazon AWS S3, Microsoft Azure, Rackspace and Backblaze. The interface is available for all our platforms which are currently Android, iOS (Swift & Objective-C), Node.js and Java.

About the New API for Amazon S3, Azure, Rackspace & Backblaze

Just like with all the other CloudRail Unified APIs, this interface bundles multiple enterprise cloud storage providers into a single API. This means that, for example, the function download() behaves exactly the same for Amazon S3 as it does for Rackspace and all the others. The interface contains all necessary functions like up- and download of files, the creation and modification of buckets and access to essential meta information. It allows you to integrate all providers at once or opens you the opportunity to always switch providers by changing just one line of code.

Besides the simplified integration and reduced vendor lock-in you will of course benefit of the CloudRail API Change Management. The APIs of S3, Azure, Rackspace and Backblaze will now be monitored for API changes by the CloudRail system. Once a change happens, we will do the heavy work of updating the integration and keeping the interface towards your app consistent. Integrate an enterprise cloud storage provider once and never worry again about API changes.

If you need consumer cloud storage providers as well, please check out our regular Cloud Storage Interface which bundles Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box and Egnyte.

Example Integration

CloudRail has SDKs available for Android, iOS, Java and Node.js. Please follow the links at the end of this post for detailed information for the platforms. To give a a quick overview here is a very simple integration example for Node.js:

If you need further instructions please select your platform to see the full documentation:

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