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One of the biggest problems people face at large, full scale events? Finding each other. With all the good that mobile phones have done, they are kind of useless at loud, organized events in trying to track down your friends. Ever tried to find someone at a loud and noisy festival? It’s the stuff of nightmares.

Traquee, the latest CloudRail powered app, is the solution to this and many other problems.

What Traquee Is

Traquee is a location awareness application. What this means is that a user is able to allow people to see where they are via GPS location.

All a user has to do is turn on the app, and set up who they want to be informed of their location. Then, the application will allow all of the invited users to see where the person is.

Not just handy for the aforementioned large events and festivals, there is also a great element of personal safety in this. Especially for people who may walk at home late at night. With Traquee, a person can simply let everyone know their up to date location, and, if reception drops or the worse was to happen, their last user location reported.

With the application, and this level of location importance, obviously security is a great concern. So, all information is stored safely and confidentially. Additionally, the location of the user is only shown to those that they have personally requested can use it. A person using the app can also send a request to another user for viewing the data, but there is no automatic accepting of this.

In fact, this is an application that could be come incredibly useful for the next large scale Pokemon Go meetup.

Where CloudRail Fits in with Traguee<.

The Traquee Application allows users to log in using their social media accounts, particularly Facebook and Google+. This implementation was done using CloudRail, meaning that the developers of the application had a very short amount of code to enter for all of these integrations, and could quickly add the feature to their application allowing them to focus on the security and features.

Additionally, with privacy and security being a major concern for the application, CloudRail was the perfect choice for an integration solution. Other integration services that offer comparable features on the market (and are paid, unlike CloudRail’s Free) pretty much always use a server that sits between the application request and the APIs server. Of course, the developer programing their application has no real guarantee as to what happens to the data once it enters the middleware servers. However, CloudRail is completely middleware free. Data from the application never enters a CloudRail server. This one-to-one communication is vitiatly important in an application that deals with private and personal data, such as Traguee.

How to use CloudRail in your own Applications

With being a free solution, and suitable for commercial or personal projects, CloudRail is a perfect solution for any API integration woes. As well as a free Android Library, there are also free libraries for iOS, Node.js and Java. Just simply select your platform to go to the GitHub page for that Library.

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