We survived the Hackathon

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We hosted the first ever CloudRail ‘mini’ hackathon this past weekend at our offices in the MAFINEX Tech Center in Mannheim, Germany.  Starting at a respective time of 2pm, the crew of developers were awake and ready to go. The theme of the event was ‘Build It and Break It’. That is, build a cool app with the CloudRail interface connected to cloud storage providers Google Drive, Dropbox, and Microsoft OneDrive and then try to break the CloudRail solution.  We are proud to say no one was able to bring down CloudRail, although we weren’t perfect. There was candid feedback about the syntax and documentation and overall how to improve the onboarding process to make life easier. In all three very interesting apps were build that leverage cloud storage in exciting new ways (more on the apps coming in future posts).

Nothing beats on environment where there are open lines of communication between vendors and customers. And nothing is more important than having CloudRail product engineers sit face to face with the users they are creating solutions for. It was a very successful event for our company, and we are already planning the next one. We look forward to seeing you there.


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