Social Login is preferred by users

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Adding Social Login to your application is not only improving user experience, it’s also good for your business. An easy registration or sign-in process actually improves your conversion rate, and your users are more loyal if social login is available.

Here are some interesting numbers about social login:

  • 88% of logins are made using social logins
  • 52% use Facebook, 47% use Google, <1% use Twitter
  • 54% of social logins come from mobile devices, 46% from desktop
  • 80% of social logins come from users aged between 18 and 36 years
  • 90% of users will rather go elsewhere than recover a forgotten password
  • 88% of users enter false information in registration forms

With CloudRail’s SDK it’s easy to integrate social logins on your website or mobile app. The unified integrations enable you to add the social logins you want, and treat them the same way in your code, without ever reading the provider’s API documentation.

For more information, go to our page for social login integrations.

Source: LoginRadius

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