OneDrive for Business Comes to the Unified Cloud Storage API

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OneDrive for Business in now part of the Unified Cloud Storage API. A lot of our users requested this service over the last weeks, and now we finally launched it. Microsoft OneDrive for Business extends the existing offering of the unified API which currently includes Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive (consumer version), Box and Egnyte. All these services are now available via the exact same API.

The Unified Cloud Storage API

The Unified Cloud Storage API provides an abstraction layer across the most used cloud storage providers. It bundles all services into a single API to let you easily integrate the whole category. This is especially important because your customers usually prefer a specific provider and it is key that your app supports this integration. The following example gives you an idea of how easy it is to integrate OneDrive for Business and all other services via a single interface. As you can see, the function upload() for example works exactly the same for OneDrive as it does for Dropbox.

Other CloudRail Benefits

Besides the unified API to integrate all Cloud Storage providers, CloudRail offers a feature called API Change Management. As you know, APIs change from time to time. For example Dropbox has recently switched from API v1 to v2 and Google just announced its API v3. All these changes usually break your integration leading to unsatisfied customers and even more work for you. CloudRail keeps its APIs consistent. So if a provider changes their API, CloudRail does the hard job of updating the integration. All you need to do is replace the CloudRail SDK with the latest version (no code changes required). A smart notification system reminds you of this change in case you are affected and months before the integration would actually break.
CloudRail is currently available for Android, iOS (Swift & Objective-C), Node.js and Java with more platforms to come soon. Besides Cloud Storage, the solution covers other areas like Social or Payments as well.

But isn’t CloudRail a SPOF?

No! CloudRail never touches your data. Everything is transferred P2P between your app and the provider. So even if CloudRail goes completely down, your integrations will still work. That is also the reason why CloudRail doesn’t have a negative impact on performance or data privacy.

Get Started Today

CloudRail offers several plans to meet your requirements. All plans allow you to test the system for free without providing any payment information. A free plan is available for non-commercial or open source applications.

About OneDrive for Business

OneDrive for Business is the enterprise version of OneDrive. Microsoft introduced this offering as a replacement for Sharepoint Workspace. It is closely tied to the Office365 offering. OneDrive for Business differentiates from the consumer version of OneDrive for example by providing additional security features or the ability to host files on premise instead of the Microsoft cloud. Another thing which is different are the APIs, but thanks to CloudRail this doesn’t have to bother you.

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