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newscatchr-android-news-app-screenshot-3If there is one thing we like at CloudRail, it is reducing redundancy as much as possible. Why have to include twenty different SDKs in your project, when one library can do it all for you? Part of our philosophy is to reduce as much unnecessary bloat as possible, which is why we love it when an application is built, using both one of our API Libraries and this philosophy.

The app “NewsCatchr” was made out of a pressing need of the developer, Jan-Lukas Else. A seventeen year old developer from the north of Germany, Jan found that he was having to use a multitude of different news apps on his phone, and was getting fed up with the amount of space that all of them were taking, when they all had pretty much the same features. Wouldn’t it be better if there was just one app, that had these features?

Not seeing anything like it, Jan-Lukas decided to build it himself.

A beautiful app for reading news

One of the things that personally impressed me when using this app for the first time was how beautiful it is. It adheres perfectly to the Android Style Guidelines, while also adding a lot of nice little touches. For example, all of the main categories actually start with hash tags, so for example “#tech” or “#android”. A simple style choice, but one that immediately tells you that you are selecting a category. The colour scheme is also very tasteful, and of course, it makes use of the loaded article’s amazing, bold images.

Unique Features

newscatchr-android-news-app-screenshot-2That’s not to say that NewsCatchr is all style over substance. The application features a range of features, all with the goal of making news a bloat-free pleasure to read.

For example, the application makes great usage of the Chrome Custom Tabs, thus preventing the maintenance overhead other news apps that use WebViews contain.

As another massive improvement to speed, NewsCatchr also makes usage for catching. This is perfect for people who may like to catch up on their wanted news while taking trains. Anyone who has tried to use mobile Internet in this situation will be able to tell you how hard it normally is to use most other news applications in this context.

This is just a short summary of all of the features of NewsCatchr. There’s also the feature to bookmark, for when you don’t have time to read an article now, there’s the ability to search for feeds, automatic caching, Android Wear, the works. All in all, NewsCatchr solves the problem of many other News apps in the market, including one large one:

CloudRail – Making Cloud Storage APIs Easy

newscatchr-android-news-app-screenshot-1The largest problem with other news applications is thus; what if you start reading your articles at home on your laptop, and then want to move to your Mobile during your morning commute? Or what if the worst happens and you lose all of your data, including your saved feeds? Well, Jan also thought of this, and this is where CloudRail comes in:

“I integrated CloudRail into my app, because it gave me an easy implementation of Cloud Storage services like Dropbox. With the CloudRail integration in NewsCatchr, users can easily backup and restore their favorite feeds and bookmarks to the cloud. If they want, they can also use this, to synchronize these with multiple devices.” — Jan-Lukas Else, creator of NewsCatchr

Adding CloudRail’s API Libraries to your own application

Just like NewsCatchr, at CloudRail we are focused on removing bloat and increasing speed. We believe good code should be fast, easy to understand and easy to change. The CloudRail libraries that we have built (for Android, iOS and Java) have been built with these goals in mind. Try these out in your own application by selecting your platform here.

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