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Today we announced our new pricing for CloudRail. Here is the message from our CEO:

Dear CloudRail Community,

I’m writing to share the news that CloudRail is changing our pricing. Our approach based on app revenue was too confusing and didn’t serve our community well. We have thoughtfully considered what pricing model will best enable us to make CloudRail fit to the way you work.
Starting immediately, pricing will be based on features like integrations used, API change management, and statistics that’s designed to reward more usage and allow for smaller apps to grow with us. You can pay monthly or take advantage of a yearly discount. There is also a new model specifically designed for app development houses.
You can test as much as needed without charge. Once the app touches a user, then simply select the package within the CloudRail developer portal that meets your needs. I understand that pricing changes could cause an adjustment for you, so I wanted to share why we are making these changes. We’ve talked to many of you and feel confident that this is the best path forward for the CloudRail community and for us to help create a better API integration platform.

We thank you for your support.
Felix Kollmar

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