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Created by the Imagine studio, the Miss Bahamas app is the latest n Applications which use the CloudRail technology to make both users, and developers, life easier.

About The Miss Bahamas Organization

Miss Bahamas is the official application of the Miss Bahamas Organization. This organization does wonderful things for women, in cultivating the personal bests of women through cultivating their passions, self image, and education. The Miss Bahamas Organization does this by arranging an environment that encourages the purist of purpose, promotes discipline, as well as helps to encourage the strengthening of character.

The Miss Bahamas Competition is an annual national beauty pageant system that takes place in the Bahamas. In this, the women involved go through coaching, grooming, and preparation. At the end of this competition, someone is crowned as a goodwill ambassador, and will represent the Bahamas at Miss World, promotional events, and of course, charitable endeavors.

About the Application

With the application, after a user has signed in or signed up, they get to see the profiles of the current ten contestants in the Miss Bahamas competition. They can also additionally see a news feed, that allows them to keep up to date with the current activities of the Miss Bahamas Organization and the contestants in the Miss Bahamas competition.

After viewing a profiler of a contestant, they can then go on to see photographs, a biography, and other details.

Users of the application as also able to upload their own photos during the sign up process.

Within the application, the users of it can then go on to vote for the person they wish to receive the highly coveted crown of Miss Bahamas 2016.

Where CloudRail comes in

Due to the voting nature of the application, it is important that people only use one particular account to vote. This is why the Miss Bahamas application requests that people log into it before using it. However, whenever an application has a mandatory sign up, this can create fiction for users. That is, by adding an extra step to an application before being able to use it, there is a chance of a user abandoning and not using the application.

Miss Bahamas solves this by also giving users the option to sign up to the application using their social media, with a choice of Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter. Of course, due to it’s ease of use, the Miss Bahamas application uses CloudRail to integrate these social media sign in methods.

With CloudRail, the developers of the Miss Bahamas application only had to add in a small piece of CloudRail set up code, before being able to use the same lines of code for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn social media sign-in. If they get into the siltation where users are requesting another sign in method, for example with Google+, adding this extra integration is, once again, as simple as adding just one extra line of code.

If you would like to harness the power of Social Media Integration though CloudRail in your on application, you can take a look at the Android CloudRail GitHit Repo. Do you work with a different environment? We also have Libraries for iOS, Node.Js and Java.

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