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It’s here, the CloudRail launch. We recommend you stop reading and start using it now:

But if you are new here:

What is CloudRail?

In a nutshell: One API to access everything.

What and why?

There is a problem in integrating multiple APIs in an application. In an world where users are on a variety of different social networks, and use many different online services, smart devices in homes, etc, developers who don’t integrate everything can fall far behind their competitors in terms of market share, features, and user retention.

For each and every API integrated into an application, developers have to spend time reading documentation, coding the manual integration, and updating the API whenever the version changes.

With CloudRail, developers now just to manage just one single API. The CloudRail Universal API also sits within the developer’s application itself, meaning no middleware, and no application data passing any CloudRail server.

How does it work?

A full breakdown is on our features page, but once you have signed up for CloudRail, you get you make your very own personal Endpoint, with just the functions that you need. From there, it is as simple as including the CloudRail SDK into your application.

What is available?

At launch, we have a range of services from the top online services and interconnected home devices.

What if I can’t see the integration I need to use?

Well, there are a few options here.

One of the innovative functions of CloudRail is the ability to define any API you want to use. This means that even if you are using an API that only ten developers are currently using, you can create the definition yourself. Additionally, you can set this API to public, meaning that these extra nine developers will instantly be able to access the functionalities.

The other option is to reach out to us. We are prioritising adding definitions for all the APIs that the community want, wherever it’s from a big company, a small player, or even a to-be-realised product.

How secure is CloudRail?

As Secure as you make it. Once again, none of your application data passes our servers. All of the data translation happens in the SDK in the Application, solving the problem of using middleware for other similar applications.

Do you have any any guides on how to use CloudRail?

Of course!

How much is this going to cost me?

Nothing. CloudRail is completely free. All the features you see today, and many future features? Completely free.

Sounds great, I’d like to sign up!

Great, we’d love to have you too. Get clicking on the link below!

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