The Top Social Impacts for IoE Projects

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Everyone, us, says that The Internet of Everything will change the world. The thing is… a lot of people also talk about simple things that are possible. Hooking up to the Nest API and changing thermostats. Having your emails read by your toaster. This kind of thing doesn’t get to the core of how the Internet of Everything can change the world.

For example:

IoE Projects with social impact on the Roads:

We’ve talked about this before, but with the Internet of Everything, roads become a lot clearer. This also means that heavy pollution could become a thing of the past.

Using integrated traffic lights, signage, and car GPS, traffic can be better controlled. No more gridlocks; reducing the time of cars in standstill; reducing the amount of emissions; creating a better earth for everyone.

And this isn’t even getting into the full dream of an Internet connected world; self driving cars. Self driving cars are safer than human driven cars. Now, imagine an Internet of Everything environment. Cars that can avoid collisions because they know where people are. Cars that let you know when to leave so you aren’t waiting for a delayed train. Cars that get you where you need to go to in plenty of time, without wasting fuel.

IoE Projects with Social Impact on Food Waste:

The US alone throws out 40% of its produced food. This happens because; people buy too much food; they cook too much food; they throw away good food.

The Internet of Everything has the power to change that and make food waste a thing of the past.

The first step is creating smart freezers and kitchen cupboards. By keeping track of brought food, stocks can be replenished only when needed.

And for foods that can go off? A device in your kitchen could tell you that this is about to happen. Then, boom, you get a perfect recipe allowing you to cook before your food goes off.

IoE Projects for Safety

Speaking of the kitchen, IoE could make kitchen fires a thing of the past.

A smart cooker could detect the beginnings of a fire and turn off all heat. If a fire is going to break out, the whole kitchen could prepare itself, with sprinklers getting ready to turn on.

Home security also improves with a full Internet of Everything. Security cameras with facial recognition are already a thing. Although, home security doesn’t just stop there.

One day you will be able to have an Internet of Everything Smart Lock. This will allow you to remotely unlock and lock your door. Forgotten to do something? Call a neighbor or friend and unlock the door for them, wherever you are.

IoE with Social Impact in Rescue Operations

When sensors are able to talk to each other, emergency services can respond instantly. Sometimes even before the emergency happens. If sensors in a home predict a fire, the fire department can start getting a crew ready before it even begins.

In a smart city, cars and lights can start clearing paths while an ambulance is at the site of an accident. The hospital can track the movements of the ambulance. Meaning that everything is ready for the patient on arrival.

What is next for IoE Projects?

Everything here is just a sample of the social impact of the Internet of Everything. Unfortunately, without solving the Internet of Everything Interoperability problem, this won’t be possible. This is why we have built CloudRail, the one API to everything. These positive changes can’t be built, unless developers can access any device.

If you are a developer, join our developer community now and help us improve the world.

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