Why aren’t there more Internet of Everything Developers

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The creation of all the largest Internet advances had similar beginnings. It starts with people hacking away in a university, basement, or garage. It is from these kinds of movements that we got Linux, Microsoft, the first computer network, and the first web browser.

Nothing similar has happened for a while with programmers coming together and working on the next big thing together.

We are also on the brink of another great technological change. The Internet of Everything. It’s having more and more devices added to it every day. Yet, The Internet of Everything and Developers aren’t getting on.

Sure, there are some silos here and there. Most of these are focused around one kind of API, one manufactures product, or one service. Why aren’t developers opening up the flood gates and getting hard to work on every single Internet of Everything project?

User Adoption stops IoE Developers

The broader strokes of the promised Internet for Everything won’t be available until more users have invested in Internet connected devices. After all, what is the point of adding the Netatmo API to your project if no one else will be using the device?

This does become a chicken and egg problem. Consumers aren’t likely to buy into the full range of products available until they become useful in every day life. Yet, the main way in these devices can become useful to them is if coders develop apps for them.

Privacy Concerns stops Developers

One of the other big key issues with the Internet of everything is the privacy minefield. When every sensor can send reports, users have a very good right to be concerned with what their data is being used for.

But, with the right kind of management, Privacy doesn’t have to be a concern for developers. Consider that most people are used to giving mobile phone apps various permissions. It would be very possible for Internet of Everything developers to give users the security to know exactly what is happening with their applications.

Internet of Everything, Interoperability, and developers.

One of the biggest reasons, however, that we think that the Internet of Everything hasn’t really ignited the developer community like it should is because of the different standards and protocols. At the moment. it is hard to commit to learning how to use a system when you aren’t sure if in five years it will still be around, or if users will adopt products in it What is the point of developing for the future, if the future you are developing has an expiry date of a few years?

The Soloution

One solution to all of this is to use an adaptable method for connecting up to the Internet of Everything. This is where CloudRail shows its strengths. Our application allows users to choose and define every service they want, as well as create their own custom functions. Instead of trying to get an app that calls different APIs for the task of changing the temperature on a thermostat, developers can call the TemptureSet function they have created in their CloudRail custom API. The best way to see how CloudRail works is to try it out yourself, so join our developer community and get coding today.

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