Integrate the Twizo API via CloudRail

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Today we added a new provider to our Unified SMS API: Twizo. You can now integrate the Twizo API with the following libraries: Twizo Android SDK, Twizo Java SDK, Twizo Node.js SDK, Twizo Objective-C SDK and Twizo Swift SDK. The service allows you similar to Twilio to send programmatic SMS directly out of your application.

Twizo API & SDK

Why the Twizo API

Twizo is operated by the well known company Silverstreet which has been in the telecommunication business for more than 15 years. With a special focus on the asian market, Twizo offers you an easy, secure and reliable way to send text messages (SMS). It doesn’t matter if you just send a couple SMS or millions per month, Twizo will care about the worldwide deliverability.

Programmatically Send SMS in Your App

The use cases why to integrate SMS functionality in your application are endless. You can use it to notify users about certain events like critical issues or the latest promotional offering. It is also possible to use SMS via Twizo to verify phone numbers during the sign-up process or add an additional security layer with two factor authentication. The options are unlimited and Twizo will make sure your SMS gets delivered.

How to Integrate the Twizo API

Since Twizo is part of CloudRail, the integration is super simple. Simply download our SDK for Android, Java, Node.js, Objective-C (iOS), or Swift (iOS) and sign-up for a free account to get your CloudRail license key. Here is a code sample for Android to show you how easy it is:

Why Integrate via CloudRail?

The CloudRail API Integration Solution allows you to connect to APIs faster. Moreover we care about API changes. So if Twizo ever changes their API, you won’t be affected. Join thousands of other developers and integrate faster and better with CloudRail. Learn more about CloudRail.

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