Google Drive API v3 – Migration

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Did you notice that Google Drive changed their API to version 3 recently? While version 2 is still running and not deprecated yet (Nov. 2016) you should think about migrating to Google Drive API v3 soon. Are you a CloudRail user? Then don’t worry, we just did the work for you.

Google Drive API v3 – What’s New?

Google introduced their v3 API already some months ago after testing it with some selected customers. The main differences are a lot of changes to field names and removal of functionality with was redundant. After analyzing the new API, we figured that also a small performance increase is provided. So it’s actually not a super big change but still, you need to migrate all your Google Drive integrations and the field name changes are a hassle. This is a good time to jump on CloudRail and let us manage your API integrations. If you want to do the hard work on your own, here is the official migration guide from Google.

The Google Drive API Change with CloudRail

We already updated the Google Drive integration to new and future-proof version 3. All you need to do now is replace your CloudRail SDK with the latest version:

  • Android: 2.10.0 or higher
  • iOS (Swift & Objective-C): 5.2.0 or higher
  • Node.js: 2.11.0 or higher
  • Java: 2.10.0 or higher

You always get the latest version of the SDK in our Developer Portal or by using Maven, NPM or CocoaPods. And that’s it! No further code changes are required. We kept the interface towards your API consistent. This is another great example why you should integrate service¬†providers via CloudRail. Besides the auto updates, it is also much easier to integrate and you can use exactly the same API for Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Box and many more. Learn more about the CloudRail API Integration Solution.

API Change Management

This is a very useful on-top feature of our Professional plan. With API Change Management, CloudRail monitors your integrations and sends you tailored notifications once you need to be active. So in the case of Google Drive, the system would know that you are using this integration and notify you about the v2 to v3 change with instructions how to update and a specific date until you need to roll this update out to not break your integration. This feature is especially useful if you have to rely on your integrations or have to handle a lot of APIs.

Get Started Now

Create a free CloudRail account and download the Google Drive SDK.

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