Facebook – Why you should add the API to your application.

 In CloudRail

As the number one social network, if you want to make it easy for users to log into your application, to be able to virally spread word of your application, Facebook integration is a must.

With the high number of users on Facebook, and with how incredibly popular it is as a new communication tool becoming as ubiquitous as email, telephoning, or letter writing, we saw it as a top priority to work with the Facebook APi and add Facebook abilities into Facebook.

The one difficultly that we identified with Facebook is how difficult at times it can be to understand exactly how the official API works. Which is another reason why we made sure to include it within the CloudRail system. We want to make it as easy as possible for anyone to be able to use the power of Facebook in their applications, and adding a Facebook integration into your application is just as simple as selecting Facebook in the CloudRail workbench and adding a few lines of simple, easy to understand lines of code. Even OAuth authentication is taken care of for you, meaning that you can get straight to adding Facebook features to your application.

So, what can you do with CloudRail and the Facebook API integration? Well:

Allow users to share your app online

One of the main things with Facebook is that it is easy for users to share content across their entire network with friends. With CloudRail and the Facebook API, it is just as simple for a developer to also share their content. With just one function you can have allow users to post onto their walls.

This can do wonders for increasing the spread of your application. By allowing people to spread it out in an easy way, you can help dramatically improve the word of mouth spread, encouraging more and more users to sign up.

Personalize your application

Almost all applications can make use of a user’s Facebook profile picture to help personalize the application towards that individual specific user. By adding the profile picture, for example, to the user’s settings page or within the main screens of your application.

Using the ease of integrating Facebook into your application with the CloudRail universal API, there is almost no overhead involved in adding this feature to your application, allowing you to very quickly add this.

Why you should use CloudRail

As with CloudRail there is no overhead between adding functions from different API providers into your application, it is actually quite simple to use just one function from an individual provider. This means that, for example, if you also wanted to add a display of the temperature in the current users location using Open Weather Map, you can without having to worry about adding the whole Open Weather Map API and reading through all of the Open Weather Documentation. All you have to do is add the Open Weather integration in the CloudRail workbench and you can instantly start using the “get city temperature” function instantly, without having to read reams of documentation.

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