Egnyte Android SDK – How to Integrate the Egnyte API on Android

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This tutorial is about how to integrate the Egnyte API into an Android app using the CloudRail Android SDK. You will learn how to easily implement Egnyte via the same API as Dropbox, Google Drive, Box and OneDrive and how CloudRail helps you to keep this integration running.

About Egnyte & the Android SDK

Egnyte is a cloud storage provider similar to Box or Google Drive. It mainly differs due to the deep focus on enterprise customers and their requirements. For example, it allows you to host parts of the storage infrastructure on premise. This means your valuable data never leaves the company.
Egnyte offers a public REST API for developers to integrate it into any application. Unfortunately, the company doesn’t offer SDKs for mobile platforms like Android. This is why you need to integrate it via the CloudRail API Integration Solution which also comes with more advantages.

About CloudRail

CloudRail partnered with Egnyte to offer an easy way to integrate it into an Android app. The solution bundles multiple cloud storage providers into a single API. So you are able to access Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, OneDrive and Egnyte via the exact same interface. The function upload() works for example exactly the same across all providers.
Moreover CloudRail keeps your integrations running, even if an API changes. With the so called API Change Management feature the solution monitors and automatically updates your integrations and notifies you about any changes where you need to become active. The good thing is that none of your data ever passes a CloudRail server. Everything is transferred P2P directly between your Android app and the Egnyte servers.

How to Integrate the Egnyte Android SDK

Here are the steps you need to take to get started:

Once you went through those two steps you are ready to go with your implementation. This is an easy example how to upload a file to Egnyte in an Android application:

You want to integrate more cloud storage services? Well, that is a matter of minutes with CloudRail:

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