Dropbox Node.js SDK – The Easiest Way to Integrate the Dropbox API

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This is a short tutorial to show you the easiest way to integrate the Dropbox API (v2) via the Dropbox Node.js SDK in your app. Moreover you will learn how to add more cloud storage services like Google Drive, OneDrive, Box and more into your app in no time.

About Dropbox and the Node.js SDK

Dropbox is a cloud storage provider founded in 2007 by two MIT students. After participating in the Y-Combinator accelerator program, the company quickly turned into the market leader with 74% market share on mobile devices. Dropbox offers a free basic version of its service and several paid models with additional space provided.
dropbox nodejs SDK
With its RESTful API based on OAuth 2.0 authentication it allows developers to integrate Dropbox into their applications. The company recently announced to shut down the Dropbox API v1 and replace it with version 2. This forced developers to integrate a completely new API.

Using CloudRail to Integrate Dropbox

CloudRail is the best way to integrate the Dropbox API into your app. In this tutorial we will show you how you do it based on the Node.js SDK. CloudRail as a solid API Integration Solution has the big advantage of unified and simple APIs. So it’s not only much easier to integrate Dropbox with the CloudRail SDK, you will also get all major cloud storage providers at the same time. So the function download() works for example exactly the same for Dropbox as it does for Microsoft OneDrive or others.
In addition, CloudRail makes things easy if Dropbox changes their API again in the future. The CloudRail Cloud Storage API will stay consistent and the company cares about all updates that are still to come.

Integrate the Dropbox Node.js SDK with CloudRail

Let’s start with the actual implementation. Here are a couple of steps needed before you start coding:

Here is a very easy code example to start your implementation. Have a look at the lines which are commented out. It’s really that easy to add services like OneDrive, Google Drive or Box into your Node.js app besides Dropbox.

Learn more in our Node.js Documentation.

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