Dropbox API v2 Swift Tutorial – How to Migrate from API v1 on iOS (Video)

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Dropbox API Version 1 Deprecated

Dropbox has recently deprecated their API v1. That means everyone who integrated the cloud storage provider in the past, now needs to get active and migrate to the latest API v2. Of course v2 is also related to some API improvements and changes like a simpler design and the usage of File IDs. Nevertheless the forced change is annoying especially for older apps and leads to a lot of work for you as a developer.

Easy Migration Guide for Swift Developers

Felipe, who is one of CloudRails iOS developers, made an amazing video tutorial how to easily integrate the Dropbox v2 API in your iOS app based on Swift or Objective-C. In the tutorial he used the CloudRail Universal SDK instead of a native Dropbox SDK. Why? Because it is a lot easier, free to use, and prevents you from further API changes. It puts an abstraction layer on top of the original API and thus keeps the interface towards your app always consistent. So if Dropbox decides to switch to v3, CloudRail will do the hard work for you and upgrades the integration. This is the right time to switch to CloudRail and never worry about any changing APIs again.


Use CloudRail for Other Integrations

Did you know that you can integrate services like Google Drive, OneDrive or Box.com via the same API with CloudRail? The interface looks exactly the same for all providers. So if you invest the time to integrate Dropbox, you’ll get all major cloud storage providers basically for free. You only need to do some UI changes and a couple minutes later your users can select their favorite provider instead of being forced to Dropbox.

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