Cross-Platform Development: New Web-APIs Become Available for Xamarin Developers

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Mannheim, Germany – CloudRail, a leading API integration provider among native app developers, announces a collection of web-APIs that are easily accessible for Xamarin developers.

Today, CloudRail brings its complete portfolio of over 50 integrations to the Xamarin platform, making it easy for developers using Microsoft Visual Studio and Visual Studio for Mac to access a wide array of third party APIs like Dropbox or Facebook with CloudRail’s cross-platform APIs. Over the past years, developers have been faced with the massive rise of the API economy. Micro-services take away a lot of work and major SaaS services allow developers to access their ecosystems via Web-APIs.

Xamarin developers targeting iOS or Android can now use CloudRail’s high-quality integrations to connect to web-APIs like Microsoft OneDrive or Stripe to their native, cross-platform mobile projects developed in C#. The CloudRail offering builds on Xamarin’s rich ecosystem of .NET libraries and components to provide access to some of the most used web services across categories like cloud storage, social, payment, messaging and more.

But CloudRail even goes further in the simplification of APIs. With so-called Unified Interfaces, CloudRail bundles multiple services of the same kind into a universal API. This allows developers to integrate, for example, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive and Box via the exact same API. Using this feature, developers can integrate all providers of the respective category in less time they would actually need for just one.
Moreover, CloudRail keeps these integrations up-to-date to protect developers from breaking integrations, which is currently a big problem in the industry. API statistics complete CloudRails offering and provide developers with a single place to manage all kind of integrations.

“We are already providing integrations used by more than 50 million users, mainly on Android and iOS today. Adding availability for Xamarin is our first step into the cross-platform world and we’re looking forward to being the same game changer here as we were on native platforms”, says Felix Kollmar, CEO of CloudRail.

Joseph Hill, Principal Director, Program Management for Xamarin and Visual Studio for Mac said, “We are pleased to see CloudRail’s commitment to C# developers building iOS and Android applications with Xamarin and Microsoft Visual Studio. Our mutual customers benefit from improved code sharing when accessing web APIs with .NET and CloudRails cross-platform integrations.”

About CloudRail:
Founded in 2013, CloudRail’s vision is to revolutionize the way APIs are being integrated. With its universal API approach, the start-up is significantly simplifying integrations which leads to a more connected world. Headquartered in Mannheim, Germany and with an office in San Francisco, CA, CloudRail powers reliable integrations which are used by millions of people every day.

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