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Last Wednesday we participated in the event “Smart Grid – Trends and Potential” organized by the Ministry of the Environment, Climate Protection and the Energy Sector of the State Baden-Würrtemberg and the City of Mannheim. Several representatives from the German industry, the government and the city discussed the big change in the energy sector which is currently happening in Germany. After the huge accident in Fukushima, the German government decided to shut down all nuclear power plants over the next years and compensate it with renewable energy forms. This has a huge impact on how the energy grids have to be managed. Usually energy sources like wind or solar power don’t provide a constant outcome — it just works when the sun shines etc.. Storing the energy is difficult and expensive, so one logical step is to only consume the energy when you have plenty of it. This means that e.g. the electric car battery is only charged when the sun shines or the dishwasher runs when there is wind. To control this, there is a need of smart devices which are connected to each other and also to the energy sources. In simple words, connections between the Smart Home and the energy provider. But it’s even more than that. Imagine your electric car is not charged because there was no sun the day before but today you need to drive somewhere. So it’s not only the connection between the Smart Home and the provider but also to your cloud calendar to check when you need to leave the house with your car. In all these cases we have the same issue as in the Internet of Things: A lot devices, cloud services with proprietary APIs, data formats and communication protocols that won’t work together seamlessly. CloudRail could be the missing part in this game and provide interoperability due to it’s technology of automatically matching arbitrary standards. We had very good discussions with participants around Smart Grid and will evaluate some potential use cases. All in all this was a very interesting event with some high class speakers. A big thanks to the State of Baden-Würrtemberg and the City of Mannheim for organizing this event and for the invitation.

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