CloudRail at the CyberForum: Software Systems in the connected world – How are we influenced by the “Internet of Everything“?

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This evening was a great time for CloudRail.  We participated in the discussion around the topic “Internet of Everything” at the CyberForum.

Prof. Dr. Bernhard Kölmel held an extensive presentation about the challenges of the Internet of Everything.  Including the future of connected things, humans and machines.

This great talk  was followed by a vivid discussion. All the participants exchanged their experiences and perspectives. The biggest theme was the power of the Internet of Everything. And the dream of the Internet of Everything.

Discussions focused on the power of the Internet of Everything to touch all areas of our daily lives. Including how it can change business models. How it can help increased resource sharing. How it can put a focus on service and less on material goods.

There were also discussions on the ethical concerns of a connected world. After all, when all data is connected, there is the possibly of surveillance. Furthermore, discrimination of people based on data, for example health, was also a topic.

All in all, everyone at the CyberFourm was optimistic for the Internet of Everything. Everyone also agreed that interoperability would be crucial to success.

It was agreed that the main problem is the lack of standards. It was also agreed that the CloudRail solution is one of the best ways to solve this problem. This is because with CloudRail any API can be used, if it follows standards or not.

We walked away from the CyberForum very optimistic that we are going in the right direction. We want everyone, not jut the people at the CyberForum, to enjoy the Internet of Everything. And now, we are sure we are on the right path to achieving this dream.

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