Miss Bahamas – CloudRail Powered Application

Created by the Imagine studio, the Miss Bahamas app is the latest n Applications which use the CloudRail technology to make both users, and developers, life easier. About The Miss Bahamas [...]

Best iOS Libraries for Developers

Libraries can make your life so much easier when you are coding for iOS. With all of the work that Apple has put in to make programming for iOS as easy as possible, there is still a lot of room [...]

CloudRail and Unity for Android

In this guide, we will share how you can integrate our Android SDK into your Unity project. Using CloudRail in Unity does come with some limitations which will be covered in this guide as well. [...]

How Money Manager Ex Uses CloudRail

What is Money Manager Ex (MMEX)? MMEX is a personal finance application that is available for various platforms such as Windows, Mac, Linux and Android. Its main purpose is to make you understand [...]

Traguee – CloudRail Powered Android Application

One of the biggest problems people face at large, full scale events? Finding each other. With all the good that mobile phones have done, they are kind of useless at loud, organized events in [...]

New CloudRail Powered Application – Rental Property Manager

Managing rental properties is actually pretty hard. When you have a lot of different buildings, or even units and flats within these buildings, it gets quite complex to keep track of your tenants [...]

Dropbox Java API – Upgrade from Version 1 to Version 2

People who have signed up to use the official Dropbox Java API have recently received this email: This means that if you are still using an implementation of Dropbox Java Version 1 in your [...]

Node JS Dropbox – Upgrade from Version 1 to Version 2

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Android Dropbox API – Upgrade from Version 1 to Version 2

You might have seen this email appear in your Inbox about the official Android Dropbox API.

Dropbox iOS SDK (Objective C) – Dropbox Integration Guide from V1 to V2

Here’s the easiest way how to add Dropbox Objective C SDK: Create a free CloudRail Account Download the CloudRail library for Objective-C on GitHub or via CocoaPods Insert your Dropbox API [...]