CloudRail now supports email attachments

We have just released a new feature in our email API integrations, email attachments are now supported! There are a lot of uses for email attachments, like sending automated generated documents, [...]

CloudRail visits API service provider Twilio

Monday, August 28th, we visited one of our API service providers, Twilio, at their HQ in San Francisco. Twilio is a leading provider of API based telecom services like SMS, voice, video, chat and [...]

Show us your Xamarin project

We are very excited about the release of our CloudRail Xamarin iOS and Android API integration SDK. We would love to hear more about Xamarin projects where CloudRail’s SDK is used to [...]

Why Xamarin matters to us

We just released the Xamarin version of our unified API integration solution (read more here), and there’s a reason why we decided to invest in developing the Xamarin SDK. Xamarin has [...]

New User Forum Launched

We just launched our new user forum, a space we strive to make a great resource for help, inspiration and knowledge sharing. Even though we put a lot of effort into our documentation and code [...]

CloudRail at Code for America Civic Hack Night

CloudRail was attending the weekly Civic Hack Night, hosted by Code for San Francisco – a part of Code for America, Wednesday evening. Projects The Hack Nights are events where developers [...]

Social Login is preferred by users

Adding Social Login to your application is not only improving user experience, it’s also good for your business. An easy registration or sign-in process actually improves your conversion rate, [...]

Reducing technical debt with CloudRail

Software developers frequently face a dilemma. Well spec’d, good design and following best practice is what we want, but sometimes done is better than perfect, and we have to ship code and meet [...]